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Old Jeans Competition

For 2023 we would like you to showcase an old pair of jeans by turning them into a wearable garment of your choice. You may add some extra fabric and trimmings if needed to complete your garment (remember you can use equivalent of up to one quarter of the amount of fabric in the jeans). Note: You do not need to unpick the seams, they can be cut off and integrated as a trim for embellishment or accessories.

Product of the Year - Tea Towel Competition

This competition is held every year to showcase the Primary Product of the Year Tea Towel. You are to make an article using one or more tea towels. The finished article may contain up to one quarter of the amount used in different material. For example, I use one tea towel to make my article, then to complete the article I may use one quarter of a different fabric to finish my article. No more than one quarter of different fabric may be used.

Judging for both competitions will be by popular vote at the Region Conferences. This means that the first, second and third place winners of both contests will come to Conference to be judged and this final judging is not by popular vote. We will only then have nine (9) entries from each contest at Conference.

Primary Product of the Year Guidelines

So go on, click the areas of skill you are interested in and have a go!

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