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international activities

Supporting women and families across the South Pacific area and worldwide

Although, supporting Queensland women and families is our primary focus, the QCWA works to educate, advocate and support women beyond our borders, through our International Program. The QCWA provides support in a range of practical ways, via affiliations and projects, particularly in the South Pacific region. 

The QCWA nominates a Country of Study for the International Program’s awareness and fundraising activities. The Country of Study is launched at the International Study Conference held annually. 

Lead by the Branch International Officer, Branch members expand their collective knowledge of other countries and cultures through informative International functions and events, and at the same time raising funds for donation to the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW). 

As a member association of the ACWW, the QCWA works directly with South Pacific Area providing in-kind support to women and families and contributing financially to South Pacific Area Projects. Birthing Kits are provided to University of Papua New Guinea nursing students as part of their practical studies working within rural hospitals in their communities.

As well, the QCWA donates resource kits, containing classroom essentials, for school children in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. All these activities make a huge difference to the lives of many, by providing useful and essential items where local people are most in need. 

In Queensland, children from Prep to Year Six are encouraged to participate in the International Children’s Competition. Activities vary from colouring in for the youngest students, to designing posters in various mediums and topics such as tourism and flora and fauna.

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