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Addressing the issue of women ageing into poverty and homelessness

Queensland Country Women's Association

Addressing the issue of women ageing into poverty and homelessness

The Queensland Country Women's Association is nostalgically known for its scones and tea, but the organisation has always been more than its well-recognised fundraising icons.  Embarking on a major advocacy initiative in support of a fast-growing group of vulnerable people, the organisation is shining a spotlight on preventing women ageing into poverty and homelessness.

Dedicated to improving lives through advocacy and providing opportunities for women around education, health, career advancement, personal finances and community, the QCWA has researched the casual effects on women's homelessness.  In doing so, the fast-growing cohort of women ageing into poverty and homelessness was identified and the conclusion reached was that without addressing these casual effects mature-age women will continue to face homelessness for generations to come.

As a result of this research the QCWA has published a position paper to declare the organisation's stance on the subject and table recommendations around government policies and legislation in relation to gender bias that disadvantages women in the areas of employment, superannuation, education funding and healthcare provision.  QCWA believes all levels of government, state, federal and local, must find better ways of addressing gender inequity.  Negative outcomes from these existing policies, social structures and attitudes impact women's ability to retire in the same financial position as that of their male counterparts.

The paper addresses the gender pay gap and its impact on women's wages and career progressions, as well as the flaws in current superannuation models that do not allow for women's loss of earnings over periods of unpaid care giving.  Social norms that drive inequity in education leading to a reduced earning capacity and stalling of career advancement for women and the over contribution by women in the care of children and other family members has also been addressed.

The QCWA recognises that it is not only government that can initiate preventative measures but also community groups have a role to play.  This includes our own organisation which has published a companion paper, Taking Action, to this position paper addressing areas of needs in which the QCWA can contribute solutions.

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