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school childrens competitions

International study for children

Each year the QCWA State International Officer runs competitions for school children from Prep to Year 6, in line with the QCWA's nominated County of Study. In 2024 the Country of Study is Morocco - Kingdom of Light.

The QCWA School Children's International Competition runs along side the QCWA Branch Members own study program. So while Members are learning, School Children can also participate in fun and educational activities focused on a specific country.

This year QCWA Members will be exploring all aspects of life and living in Morocco, including history and religion, people and fashion, language, geography and industry, flora and fauna, foods and cooking, crafts and traditions and many other aspects of Trinidad and Tobago culture.

All Queensland Primary School and Special Education students are encouraged to participate in the QCWA's Children’s International Competition.

The Children’s Competition Schedule includes age appropriate sections for Primary School and Special Education classes.

If you are interested and would like more information to share with your school, your child or grandchild, in any of the QCWA School Children’s competitions, please download the Introduction to Children's Competition document.

You can also contact your local branch or the QCWA State International Officer.

The QCWA would like to thank the following for their valued support.

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