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international birthing kits

Improving birthing safety and hygiene

In partnership with Rotary International, the QCWA provides Birthing Kits to women in the South Pacific Islands, and in particular to Papua New Guinea.

The kits enable these women to give birth more safely and more hygienically.

The Birthing Kits are compiled by Branch members and sent to the QCWA State Office where they are packed into boxes, collected by or delivered to Rotary who then dispatch them in containers to Papua New Guinea.

How to help

In Australia, women have access to safe and hygienic birthing, but in our neighbouring South Pacific nations, this is not always available. The Birthing kits provide essential hygiene items that make the world of difference for the birthing mother and the local nurses assisting them. 

If you would like to improve the safety and hygiene for birthing mothers in our region please contact your closest QCWA Branch to offer your assistance. Alternatively, you can put together a birthing kit containing the items listed below and deliver it to you closest QCWA branch. 

Birthing Kit contents

Place in a large zip lock bag place: 

  • Plastic sheet to lay on the ground, 1.5m x 1.5m (maximum size)
  • Cotton sheeting 1m x 1m (maximum size)
  • Small towelling cloth (hand towel size)
  • Packed and sealed small zip lock bag, as below
  • Seal securely

Place in a small zip lock bag (15cm x 9cm) place:

  • Disposable scalpel in original sealed wrapping
  • Small sealed soap
  • 2x Sterile gauze 10cm x 10cm in original sealed wrapping
  • 2x 25cm lengths of strong cord. Please note: Builder’s line purchased from Bunnings or similar stores is very strong and can be knotted very tight. Do not use string as it often breaks when pulled tight.
  • 2 pairs of disposable gloves
  • Seal securely.

Please keep to the exact requirement in this list and make sure that all bags are securely sealed.

Thank you for helping new mothers in need.

For more information contact your local QCWA Branch or the State International Officer.


Birthing Kits Poster

The QCWA would like to thank the following for their valued support.

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