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While the QCWA’s primary focus is on Queensland communities, our capacity to show practical leadership beyond Australia’s borders, lives through our work with the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).

The Board is elected to serve a three year term through voting at the Triennial World Conference. Board members have often held senior positions with national organisations in their own countries, and represent the grassroots members of ACWW in the leadership of the organisation. Meet the ACWW board and staff. 

ACWW South Pacific Area Conference - Monday 9th to Thursday 12th September 2024 - Griffith NSW

The South Pacific Area Conference is a wonderful opportunity for any QCWA members to mix with members from other Australian States, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  All QCWA members are welcome to register to attend, at their own expense. 

Registration Form.

About ACWW

Founded in 1929 ACWW connects and supports women and communities worldwide.

Organisation (NGO) and pursues its charitable objectives through its Member Societies, individual Members, and networks of NGOs.

ACWW also holds Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

This enables ACWW to represent rural women, facilitate better access to information resources, funding community development projects and training programmes.

Throughout the World, ACWW Member Societies promote and support projects that reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ACWW Goals 

The ACWW's Rural Women in Action Fund, receives donations into three Priority Focus Areas which reflect the organisation’s charitable aims and objectives.

ACWW theme for 2023-2026 is Sustainable Growth for the Future.

The ACWW's Women-Led Development Priorities are focused on three key projects:

  1. By promoting Climate Smart Agriculture through small scale project funding ACWW helps farmers to respond effectively to the impacts of climate change through choosing indigenous seed varieties for drought resistant crops, building irrigation systems, rainfall forecasting and rainwater harvesting. 
  2. ACWW is focusing  Rural Women's Health by increasing their access to comprehensive, gender sensitive, and accessible healthcare. This includes nutrition, mental health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and access to healthcare and provision for women as they age. 
  3. The Education and Community Development project focuses on building networks of rural women and promoting women-led empowerment projects. For example, supporting education and capacity building projects ; building entrepreneurship activities ; developing financial literacy; establishing community-led savings and loan schemes; and life-long learning opportunities. 

ACWW Projects are funded completely by the Members and Member Societies worldwide. These projects are small scale and women-led in rural areas.

QCWA - South Pacific 

As a member society of ACWW, QCW is aligned to the South Pacific Area which includes Christmas Island, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, The Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Vanuatu, Niue and New Zealand, providing in-kind and financial support to these countries such as:

  • In the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, the Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Energy project is replacing old concrete tanks with new poly tanks to store clean fresh water.
  • The Education and Capacity Building project donates classroom essentials for school children in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. 
  • The Nutrition, Good Health and Wellbeing project is delivering Birthing Kits to University of Papua New Guinea nursing students as part of their practical studies working within rural hospitals in their communities.

By providing useful, basic and essential items to local people most in need, these activities all make a huge difference to the lives of many.

QCWA Branch members contribute through their local International activities and fundraising.

ACWW connects and supports women and communities worldwide.

QCWA Members can now join the ACWW directly.   Renew your ACWW membership.    Become an ACWW member.

To explore more of the QCWA International activities click the links below.

The QCWA would like to thank the following for their valued support.

What bonds us is friendship and a strong desire to help others.
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