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PUBLIC photography

It is early morning and starting the day with a walk along a track or on the beach you can be greeted with scenery that is breathtaking. The blue of the water and the illuminating blend of pinks, yellow and white across the sky can portray many aspects of nature’s beauty to the human eye.

Baby kittens and tiny puppies are cute and cuddly making you want to just cuddle them. Special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and beautiful images of floral blooms that make a garden stroll complete.

These scenes can be captured and enjoyed many times in amazing pictorial images that you can capture on a camera, your mobile phone or tablet. 

To highlight the joy that you get when you take a photo, and have it printed is to show it to as many people as you can.  So forget your inhibitions and forget the negative thoughts. Pick up that amazing photo and enter it in the QCWA Photography competition.

The new schedule for this year has sections to allow everyone to find a topic they like to photograph and enjoy the fun of having a go.  You can take photos of having fun in the kitchen or playing in the yard, swimming in the pool or celebrating a special occasion. There are many sections to choose from and these include 1 section for children up to 14.

So have a look and give it some thought and have a go, you just may surprise yourself on how good your photos are.

For more information contact  the QCWA State Photography Chair, Arlene Roberts.

Important documents and forms

State Photography Schedule (with disclaimer) - 2024

State Photography Competition - Conditions of Entry

Disclaimer form

Entry form (for back of photographs)

Guidelines for Convenors

State Photography Financial Return form

Branch to Division Return form

Division to Region Return form

Region to State Return form

For all enquiries please contact:

For other competition details, click the areas of skill you are interested in below and have a go! 

The QCWA would like to thank the following for their valued support.

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